Solution to Contest#2: EIGRP Troubleshooting

Posted: July 8, 2015 in contest solutions
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Contest #2 network

Thanks to everyone who participated in Contest #2 and to those who shared the link. Here is the solution:

  • R1 is not receiving the route from R3 because the EIGRP AS on R3 is wrongly configured as “23” and not “123”.
  • Also on R3, the K-values have been altered and without both neighbors matching on K-values, an EIGRP adjacency will not form.
  • Finally, R1 is advertising the wrong network – instead of

Fa0/1 as an EIGRP passive interface on R3 will have not effect on that route being advertised since Fa0/0 is the interface on which EIGRP adjacency is formed with R1.

Thinking outside the box now, a static route on both R1 (for and R3 (for will also have fixed the problem.

The winner for this contest, being the first to comment with the correct answer, is “crUnk” and will be contacted about how he/she will receive the prize.

On a final note, anonymous commenting will now be allowed for those who just want to participate in contests without dropping their contact. Of course, for contests that are incentive-based, anonymous users cannot be winners since there will be no way to contact them.


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