Contest #2: EIGRP Troubleshooting

Posted: July 6, 2015 in Contests
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Using the network diagram below and the output from the show commands on the routers, identify and resolve why a host on the subnet cannot reach a host with IP address Contest #2 network   Contest #2 R1 Contest #2 R2 Contest #2 R3 The rules remain the same: 1st to comment with the right solution wins. We wanted to make this contest available to more people around the globe and so we have made several options available for the prize:

  • N3,000 sent to a Nigerian bank account
  • Amazon gift card worth $15
  • $15 sent to a PayPal account

Unfortunately, these are the only prize options available. Hopefully the winner will be able to receive the prize in any of the forms above. Remember to subscribe via Email to receive updates about new contests and solutions. Success!

  1. crUnk says:

    Here are some errors I have seen from the o/p commands

    R1: -> run EIGRP on the network (NOT, as shown in the output), add the network to EIGRP

    R3: -> EIGRP AS should be 123 NOT 23, Means R3 will not form neighborship with any of the
    -> Change the Metric K values as well on R3, else neighborship wont come up.


  2. Mr Sturvs says:

    1.Wrong network advertised under eigrp 123 on R1, should be instead of
    2. gateway of last resort unnecessary on R1, else should be via fa0/0
    3. Wrong eigrp AS on R3, 23 instead of 123
    4. Eigrp metric weight mismatch on R3, K5 should be set to 0
    5. Passive interface command for fa0/1 should be removed.
    6. My account details are….. GTB 00……. to be continued.


  3. saurabh says:

    apart from above answer eigrp is only advertising /32. it must have under eigrp.


    • iContests says:

      Actually, even though the “show ip protocols” is showing, it is actually advertising The reason it is showing that way is because of how the network statement was written: network as opposed to network

      The “network” statement in EIGRP (and OSPF) actually tells the router which interface should run that routing protocol and not necessarily what network should be advertised.


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